Meet Jeff Banman, aka “The Architect”

I am a complex problem solver. I often see what others don’t. I understand why people do, what they do, when they do it. I believe performance is black or white – It is a yes or no; and the answer must be measurable, reliable, and scalable.

Life doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It comes at us fast and furious and from every direction. It’s complex, stressful and ruthless. But… there is an answer to be had, a solution to be generated, a result to be designed and produced.

When that moment comes, I’ve got your back.


Billy Ryan

“We worked closely with Jeff to develop an elite leadership program for a select group. Jeff’s experience and credibility in the field made an immediate and lasting impact on the participants. His ability to emphasize team over self, as well as the ways he was able to provide practical and personal experiences tailored to our program’s vision, helped redefine leadership to our group and shift the way in which they look at being a teammate, a leader, and an individual.”

Billy RyanDirect of Operations, Atlanta Braves
Jamie Barr

“I have to say that Jeff has completely transformed my way of thinking, acting, and being.  Not only has his influence affected me in a positive way, but I have also observed a transfer of my behavior to the team of professionals that I lead.  They are more confident, hungry, and focused.  Commitment has taken on a whole new meaning, driving tangible, positive results through the roof.”

Jamie BarrVice President, Langan Engineering
Chris Richter

“I have had the honor of working with Jeff in several capacities, seeing him in action instructing and doing in the field, and innovating and leading in his current position. Jeff takes substantial knowledge of field operations — earned in a variety of settings — and deftly applies them to his current work. Jeff approaches all these things with passion, thoughtfulness, and vision in a combination that is rarely found. He is dedicated to supporting a client, primarily because he CARES about their improved performance!”

Chris RichterConsultant at GCI, Inc.



I’ve helped companies design and launch new offerings, reinvent themselves in new markets, create high performing teams, solve complex personnel problems, transition from founder run to CEO run and built strategies for entering new markets along with supporting the entrepreneur by creating systems, processes and organization that accelerates growth.


I’ve stepped in to support coaching staff when trust and communications broke down, to rebuild the essence of “team,” to unify and accelerate performance and I’ve worked one on one with individual athletes and small teams to turn around seasons. I’ve supported Front Office staff with creating new cultures and systems designed to unify the organization.


I’ve worked with Heads of State & Governmental Leadership to design organizational structures and governmental processes that result in higher levels of efficiency, a greater depth of resources and a cross-cultural ability to deal with highly stressful and crisis situations. I’ve supported various agencies with high-level solutions designed to accelerate performance.


Simply put, I see the world differently than most people. For two and half decades I have been someone people relied upon to solve complex problems in extreme and often intense situations and there is one thing I’ve learned – extreme and intense is as uniquely relevant to each person as is a finger print.

We all perceive things differently and when we experience something significant, stressful or uncertain, we respond accordingly. Business is no different and can often leave a far greater impact on you than say, fighting fires or being in combat. My life has carried me through a vast array of situations and has given me insights into how we think, act and behave in certain situations.