About Me


It's been my gift to see the world differently than most. I see the unseen, the avenues of approach, the vision and how to achieve it.

I am a leader in maximizing individual and organizational performance, generating incredible results for my clients. My life’s work has been about producing results, and in many cases, under extreme conditions. I have worked at every level – with high performing teams to double revenues, with Nation’s to build new critical infrastructure systems, governments to dismantle terrorist groups and individuals, creating more dedicated time with their families while increasing performance at work.

As a former Firefighter, US Army Ranger and CIA Counterterrorism Operator, I’ve dedicated my life to discovering what separates success from failure. I have conducted operations and been responsible for producing powerful results in over twenty-three countries including two combat zones and multiple high-threat environments.

  • Keynote Address - Being Leaders, Langan Engineering
  • USASOC Talks: Leading with Power & Velocity, US Army Special Operations Command
  • Contributor - Think Tank 4.0 hosted by the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Guest Mentor: Support General Cleveland and General Tovo of USASOC as a guest leadership mentor for rising leaders across the enterprise
  • Special Contributor: ARSOF NEXT, a return to first principles. The guiding document for ARSOF’s 2022 vision
  • and much more...
About Me

DATA doesn't lie...

Having developed some of the most advanced human performance systems available I understand where systems and processes falter

Business, Organization and Operational problems are human problems. Most often there is a breakdown in the behavioral patterns necessary to produce the results we are looking to produce. It all starts with an understanding of the Intensity, Complexity and Diversity of the environment.

Technologies we use:


The Difference I deliver for you...

There are plenty of consultants who will tell you what you want to hear, I'm the guy who's going to tell you what you need to hear.

Speaking Engagements

I bring a different conversation to the table every time and am willing to speak into the unspoken. Whether it's leadership, resiliency, performance or mindset, you will be left with a fresh, real and relevant perspective.

Training & Seminars

Need a little boost? Or even a jumpstart? I take great pride and enjoyment in delivering a unique approach to the training and development of your people.


I'm very selective of who I choose to work with because it will take both of us to produce the results you are looking to produce. My position is to come in search of the answer, not pretend like I already have it.


Looking for something to drive performance? Let me invite you to one of our unparalleled experiences that will deliver a new level of insight, personal development, leadership development and performance for you or your teams.

The Forces at Work...

Performance is a human endeavor but we are up against a strong set of forces that, if we allow, can significantly impact or inhibit the results we are wanting to produce. From my research there are 3 critical influencers that shape how we are able to observe, process and perform in any situation.

Connect with me to learn more about the IDC model and how it can make or break you!

Situational Intensity


Situational Complexity


Environmental Diversity


Trusted by Professionals

I have had the privilege of working with some of the best in their fields and I understand what it looks like to be the top 1%, let me help you get there.